Property Refurbishment

Property refurbishment is an effective way gain an advantage in a price competitive market. With the global financial market turmoil and economic downturn across Asia impacted home prices and buyer sentiment, property refurbishment is a strategy to help maintain value in property investments. The following are some key points on property refurbishment and how AP Consultants assists clients in this area:

Property refurbishment can benefit investors and entrepreneurs with not only residential property, but commercial property in Asia also. Refurbished office premises can provide a cheaper alternative to new offices yet provide potential tenants the appeal of modern trends and environment.

When the time comes to sell, a small investment in refurbishment can give worthwhile returns on the value of the sale. AP Consultants will appoint reliable contractors to undertake property refurbishment requirements in line with pre-determined objectives.

The value of a property can be significantly increased by undertaking a programme of property refurbishment. If the purchase is for investment purposes, redecoration increases rental returns. It also helps ensure the demand for the property will be higher than similarly priced properties, hence minimizing the vacancy time between tenants.

When property markets have a strong demand, but lack supply of new properties, purchasing older property and implementing property refurbishments and renovations is a short term strategy to make gains from buying real estate in Asia.

AP Consultants assists clients add value to their property assets by project managing required property refurbishments. Benefits can include i) a better living environment for themselves and their family ii) improved image and modernization of premises for securing tenants iii) increased capital value for maximizing return on investment.