Property Valuation

Property valuation is a difficult, yet important, step in buying property in Asia or selling property in Asia. The uncertainty caused by the current economic environment and fluctuations in real estate markets puts higher importance on professional property valuation. The following provides an outline of property valuation and the services offered by AP Consultants:

Property valuations form part of the lending approval process with banks. AP Consultants works with a range of banks including DBS, UOB, HSBC, ANZ in sourcing and negotiating the most competitive international mortgages for property purchases in Asia.

For sellers, an accurate property valuation is vital for a successful sale. A property that is undervalued may attract a fast sale but the loss of money can not be regained once sale transaction is complete. On the other hand, if a property valuation is too high, a seller may get impatient with their property being on the market for extended periods of time and decide on accepting too low a price.

For buyers, a property valuation will form part of their decision making process in determining the potential return on investment. AP Consultants assists international investors not familiar with the local property markets by obtaining accurate property valuations for residential real estate in Asia and commercial real estate in Asia.

The process of property valuation has elements of art and science. Automated valuation models (AVM) are used by buyers and sellers to give an indication of value by comparing similar properties within a database. These databases will include factual data, such as size of the house, number of rooms and bedrooms, age of the house, distance surrounding the house and historical sales data. These AVM’s don’t include the experience and professional judgment of a reliable agent can provide.

Reasons for obtaining property valuations varies from country to country across Asia. In Australia, for example, property auctions are a common way of selling residential property, the property valuation helps to determine the starting price at auction.

AP Consultants property valuation services can assist international investors and entrepreneurs in a number of ways including: i) mortgage and re-financing, ii) property market reports, iii) potential capital gains iv) property insurance v) asset valuation for financial reporting, vi) global assets assessment, vii) property sales viii) rental negotiations and reviews, ix) taxation requirements x) property development analysis.

AP Consultants manages the process of obtaining property valuations from experienced, reliable sources for clients to use in their decision making processes for property transactions.