Asia First Property Investment

Asia First property investment involves the payment of taxes, which vary from country to country. AP employs tax specialists to provide professional tax and accounting advice to ensure tax obligations are met according to each countries requirements.

Asia property investment is one of the most attractive options in the world. With Asia encompassing emerging markets along with easing of foreign investment restrictions, Asia could provide opportunities for stronger returns on investment than other parts of the world.

Foreign investors have reaped the benefits of Asia property investment. In addition to strong returns on investment, foreigners undertaking property investment in cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore are able to apply for long-term residence visas under certain circumstances. In Singapore, for example, the Singapore Economic Development Board’s (EDB) Global Investor Programme (GIP) is a government initiative whereby foreigners can gain permanent residency by investing in Singapore. Part of the required investment volume can be via investment in Singapore property.

International entrepreneurs and investors are involved in Asia property investment for a range of purposes including i) residential real estate for entrepreneurs migrating to Asia, ii) commercial real estate to support business interests or iii) to give an income stream via rental yields.

There are many opportunities to be involved in Asia property investment. Asia offers a diverse range of properties from entry level properties for new investors to the ultra luxury apartments sort after by high net worth individuals as holiday escapes to future retirement homes. Investment objectives can be based on location within Asia, rental yields, potential for capital appreciation and more. AP Consultants works with clients to help achieve their Asia property investment objectives.

Appointing and supervising a local lawyer to ensure all legal matters associated with Asia property investment are undertaken correctly is an important step as each market is unique and varies in terms of legal requirement and extent of industry regulation. Using the services of an experienced lawyer helps avoid complications that can waste time and money.

AP Consultants also assists clients to obtain international mortgages with leading banks (for example, with DBS Bank and OCBC Bank in Singapore, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and ANZ Bank) to help them achieve their Asia property investment objectives. As well as finding a suitable bank with a competitive mortgage product, we will liaise with the banks on our clients’ behalf and provide advice on mortgage offers etc.

Efficient property management services make Asia property investment more time efficient and cost efficient. The services provided by our firm save clients from the manage time consuming activities such as organizing property refurbishments, finding tenants, property maintenance, arranging property insurance, organizing property valuations and implementing appropriate property security.